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Inner Fire is the trading name of Deyna Hirst (Devi Kanya): Hatha Yoga Master with 25 years experience of helping people to grow through Yoga. I have diplomas in general Hatha Yoga; Dru Yoga, Transformational Yoga, Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy and Thai Yoga Massage and have taught classes and extended practice for 20 years. I now also run an evolving programme of idyllic retreats in India and Europe and also offer 200 and 250 hour teacher training Yoga in beautiful places in the Lake District. A warm welcome to the site ....

My Yoga Journey

I work in partnership with local teachers around the world to bring you the best of Yoga ancient wisdom and contemporary scientific discovery, mixing serious study with light-hearted laughter. Yoga is my vocation and passion: not just the fascination of our physical body but how its philosophy informs and invites us to explore our other bodies: pranic, mental, emotional or psychic and spiritual being. Through observation and practice I invite awareness of how our inner universe reflects, acts, reacts and interacts with our external environment: if we consider that “energy is neither created, nor destroyed but can be transformed from one state to another” what possibilities do we have to play with our life force, our vital energy to grow and evolve ....


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Experiential Teacher Training

Expand your world with our experiential teacher training: 200 or 250 hours ....

We do 2 courses in the beautiful Lake District over 8 weekends + a 5 day residential in the Lakes using a Yurt studio (specialising in Slow Flow), or by the sea in Southern India (specialising in Transformative Yoga). Or you can opt to complete your 200hours with our Friday afternoon detailed Anatomy of Asana sessions rather than the residential. Or do all 3 components to complete an advanced training of 250hours.

Our training is a journey together, whoever you are, wherever you are from ….. you can be any age, shape or size- and you don’t need to be vegan or raw, or even vegetarian. You do need an open heart and mind, a commitment to be as amazing and wonderful as you can be and a yearning to offer what you learn to the world around you, whether that be through teaching or living from a deeper understanding of Yoga values.

A 200 / 250 hour course is the beginning of a life-long voyage but I aim to give you the skills to set sail with confidence, courage and the support of the growing Inner Fire Family. Click below for further information and dates for 2018

Further Information on our Teacher Training

Our Teacher Training Syllabus

Application form

Terms and Conditions

Idyllic Retreats

Along with local partners, I am planning lovely retreats and holidays in United Kingdom, Europe and Worldwide: Yoga and Thai Massage, Yoga and Ayurvedic De-tox and Revitalise, Yoga and Art, Slow Flow Yoga in a Yurt studio, Transformative Yoga in South India.

Yoga and Thai Massage 2018

Slow Flow Yoga residential

Yoga and Art retreat

Transformative Yoga residential

Yoga and Ayurveda De-tox and Revitalise Retreat

Terms and Conditions for Retreats/Residentials

Eclectic Workshops or Days / Weekends

Around the world, wherever I am, whatever opportunities present themselves …. request a Yoga adventure for a Hen do, Stag do, reunion, friendship group or even family bonding..... Look out for dates in 2018 or sign up for our newsletter to get updates by email

Relaxed One-to-One (or One-to-Two)

For individual, personal health and healing of your own unique body, mind and life challenges. This can be muscular analysis to highlight where you are holding tension, Chakra reading and healing, or looking at what is causing stress and anxiety in your mind and body.

University of Yoga

Welcome to the University of Yoga …. for Yoga aspirants of all ages looking to explore Yoga as a union of individual and universal consciousness …. Those who seek to answer the age-old question: Who am I? and ‘Why am I?’

Ask yourself …. Do you wish to inquire beyond Asana? Do you believe that Yoga is both prosaic and esoteric; scientific and spiritual; instruction and intuition? Are you eager to look beyond practice on the mat while recognising that movement can transform, strengthen and activate the energy of all the Koshas (bodies) and Chakras (energy centres)? Do you have a sense of threading Yoga into your life, recognising the Yamas and Niyamas as basic moral precepts of our humanity and personal / political / cultural evolution? Do you have the courage to ask challenging questions of yourself and others: to focus on light and dark energy for enhanced understanding; to accept all aspects of life (including death) as worthy of interest and to facilitate enlightenment? Are you open to transformation at all levels / layers of being?

Aspirants: On this page we will offer you global quality advanced training that recognises the four paths to Yoga: Bhakti: which may be devotional chanting, sound or other Bhakti practice Jnana (Guyana): study of classical or contemporary knowledge, Raj: practical application of Yoga philosophy and wisdom through aware Asana, mediation Karma: selfless service, volunteering, community enterprise

If you are a training provider of courses, retreats or extended practice (workshops) then we invite you to join us and share your knowledge. You will need to provide a profile of your experience and qualifications, what you are offering and why it is suitable for inclusion within the University. Your course will need to offer a degree of specialism … something beyond Asana (though not necessarily excluding it) and be committed to Yoga as the unification of individual and universal consciousness.

Although we cannot offer degree / Masters / Doctorates at an official, mainstream level (YET 😊) we hope to offer a forum for these to happen on an informal but guided basis to facilitate your own evolution and learning, wherever that may take you …..


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